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Gradient gray and Red color Modern Wooden pixel Wall sculpture.

Gradient gray and Red color Modern Wooden pixel Wall sculpture.

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Standard Delivery:Within 3-5 Working Days

"This is a Wooden modern pixel wall sculpture, Mosaic made of pine wood blocks that are hand cut and sanded. All dyes are colored hand mixed and tested against each other to ensure a smooth gradient transition throughout the work. The individual pieces are hand sorted and placed to give a reflective appearance as different light sources are cast upon the artwork. A true conversation piece, your friends and visitors will be mesmerized by the work. We want all of our customers to be very happy and will do everything we can to make them satisfied. All needed hardware is attached to back of piece, so hanging your artwork is easy to do.


Please note that your artwork will be different from the original, presented on the photo. The texture of wood, colors and shades of coloring can not be copied, each time it is an individual work and a completely unique product, but with the desire for the original idea. The SIZES of the finished products, wood elements and their number may also be slightly different. For example, dimensions of finished products can change for +/- 1'' (2,5 cm)."

Specifications / Dimensions:
 LXBXH(CM): 50.8 X 50.8 X 4.5

Actual Weight (kgms):

 Wood + MDF


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